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Feb 28, 2017

Today sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk answers listeners sex questions on BDSM, pegging, jealously in relationships, the porn "problem" and many more. If you got questions you'd like answered anonymously by a sex expert in a future episode, please send your question to

Show Highlights

2.35 - How to deal with a man that is "jealous" of your vibrator.

6.25 - How to approach using a strapon with your man and why strapon sex is both healthy and fun.

8.20 - What you need to know about anal lube. Why silcone based lube is best for anal.

8.50 - The do's and don'ts of mixing alcohol and sex.

9.40 - Why guys are afraid of pegging.

14.05 - Dr. Kat talks about the problem with lower testosterone rates in men and why it's happening to so many guys.

16.20 - We discuss how porn causes problems in relationships AND why porn can sometimes be a good thing in your relationship.

23.10 - Practical tips on how to explore BDSM with your man.

24.50 - Why the submissive is always in control.

25.50 - Safe words and the traffic light system.

27.10 - Why BDSM doesn't have to be "hardcore" but can be a little bit more subtle and light.

32.50 - Practical tips for moving past infidelity.

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