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May 30, 2017

This anal sex episode is quite in depth so you may want to listen to it more than once, BUT it has everything you need to know. You're going to learn the difference between having deeply satisfying anal sex that gives you full body orgasms.

Show Highlights

1.35 Tip 1 - The pros and cons of anal sex.

5.05 Tip 2 - An important question you must ask yourself before trying anal.

6.10 Tip 3 - Why communication is the bedrock of great anal sex.

7.05 Tip 4 - The 4 types of lube you can use and which one is the the best (by far).

9.45 Tip 5 - How to ensure pain-free pleasure.

14.05 Tip 6 - The best position to use for the first time you try anal.

16.50 Tip 7 - Which positions give you the most pleasure.

18.10 Tip 8 - 7 separate advanced anal sex techniques.

21.55 Tip 9 - The key to maximum pleasure during anal.

23.30 Tip 10 - The dangerous mistakes some women make during anal. Make sure to avoid these.

25.35 Tip 11 - Why giving each other feedback makes anal sex better and better each time you have it.

Show Notes

Learn 13 girl-on-top sex positions here

Learn 19 more anal sex positions here.

How to prepare yourself for anal sex

How to have anal sex