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Apr 11, 2017

This second episode in the five episode series focuses on all the different techniques you can use to masturbate and finger yourself. In total, you're going to learn 20 different techniques to pleasure yourself with. And keep in mind that you can also use a lot of these techniques during sex too!

You can see diagrams and demonstrations explaining each of these techniques in these three articles:

Show Highlights

1.35 Masturbation Tip 1 - Discover the very easy-to-perform Up & Down masturbation technique.

2.15 Tip 2 - Learn why the "Long, Slow Stroke" is perfect for teasing yourself and almost acts like masturbation foreplay.

3.10 Tip 3 - The deceptively pleasurable Side-to-Side stroking technique that you can also use during sex for added stimulation to push you over the edge.

4.35 Tip 4 - The MOST effective masturbation technique you can use.

5.10 Tip 5 - U Spot Orgasms. Discover how this secret area can unlock incredible pleasure. See a diagram here:

6.35 Tip 6 - Loving your shower head. Discover why you can climax in a totally different way by using your shower head or a faucet.

8.05 Tip 7 - Using your clitoral hood. If your clitoris gets too sensitive, then you need to use this technique.

9.05 Tip 8 - How to easily expose more of your clit to experience more sensations. Perfect if your clit is NOT particularly sensitive. See a demonstration here:

10.30 Tip 9 - Orgasmic Meditation. This technique requires your man and will give you a prolonged orgasm (up to 10 minutes!). See a demonstration here:

12.50 Tip 10 - The Squeeze. A little known technique to 'jerk' yourself off.

14.25 Tip 11 - Why you should NEVER ignore your labia.

15.05 Tip 12 - Humping & Grinding. A great way to enjoy different and new sensations when masturbating.

17.05 Tip 13 - The Pearl Necklace. Yet another way to experience completely new physical sensations during masturbation.

19.20 Tip 14 - The basic technique to finger yourself. See it demonstrated here:

21.50 Tip 15 - The exact movements your fingers should be making as your finger yourself. 3 techniques: stroke-stroke-stroke, pressing the 'magic' button, rubbing it. Demonstrations here:

24.55 Tip 16 - G Spot Orgasms, learn exactly how to have them when masturbating. Learn more about your G Spot here:

27.30 Tip 17 - The pressure pressing technique. This technique is designed for women who struggle to have G Spot orgasms. See it demonstrated here:

28.45 Tip 18 - Fingering yourself from behind.

29.30 Tip 19 - Doubling your fun. A powerful way to reach orgasm easily requiring both hands.

30.10 Tip 20 - Anal fingering. This one is not for everyone, but it's super powerful.

Just a quick reminder. If you want to see demonstrations of these techniques, make sure to check out these three articles:

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