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Jun 6, 2017

Learn 22 powerful foreplay tips that will make sex much more intense and enjoyable in today's episode. You'll discover how to turn your man on and have him begging you for more.

Show Highlights

1.40 - Tip 1 - Why mental foreplay is key and how to use it to your advantage.

3.45 - Tip 2 - Why how you look matters and what to do about it.

5.20 - Tip 3 - The secret to perfect foreplay.

6.45 - Tip 4 - Foreplay at the bar. Seriously.

8.00 - Tip 5 - Pinching, grabbing, groping and touching your man the right way.

10.10 - Tip 6 - How to take your foreplay into the shower.

11.30 - Tip 7 - How to kiss your man with passion.

13.05 - Tip 8 - A simple way to massage your man using just 3 massage techniques.

15.25 - Tip 9 - Why you should put on a show for your man.

17.25 - Tip 10 - Foreplay that shows your man what you enjoy.

18.36 - Tip 11 - How to smoothly move from kissing your man to giving him a blow job.

19.35 - Tip 12 - A really fun game with your vibrator.

20.20 - Tip 13 - How Dominance & Submission (D&S) can help your foreplay game.

22.20 - Tip 14 - Why Play fighting is key.

24.00 - Tip 15 - The Hot & Cold game.

25.15 - Tip 16 - Why sex dice may be right for you and your man.

27.15 - Tip 17 - How to make a foreplay checklist (for both of you).

28.45 - Tip 18 - Using "The Countdown" to supercharge the sexual tension.

29.50 - Tip 19 - Why porn can sometimes be a good thing for foreplay.

30.50 - Tip 20 - Driving stick & Licking his lolly pop.

32.05 - Tip 21 - V is for Variation. This is key.

33.10 - Tip 22 - Why communication is the key to great foreplay.

Show Notes

Throughout the episode, I also mention:

The Blow Job Bible:

The kissing section:

How to give a great handjob:

May 30, 2017

This anal sex episode is quite in depth so you may want to listen to it more than once, BUT it has everything you need to know. You're going to learn the difference between having deeply satisfying anal sex that gives you full body orgasms.

Show Highlights

1.35 Tip 1 - The pros and cons of anal sex.

5.05 Tip 2 - An important question you must ask yourself before trying anal.

6.10 Tip 3 - Why communication is the bedrock of great anal sex.

7.05 Tip 4 - The 4 types of lube you can use and which one is the the best (by far).

9.45 Tip 5 - How to ensure pain-free pleasure.

14.05 Tip 6 - The best position to use for the first time you try anal.

16.50 Tip 7 - Which positions give you the most pleasure.

18.10 Tip 8 - 7 separate advanced anal sex techniques.

21.55 Tip 9 - The key to maximum pleasure during anal.

23.30 Tip 10 - The dangerous mistakes some women make during anal. Make sure to avoid these.

25.35 Tip 11 - Why giving each other feedback makes anal sex better and better each time you have it.

Show Notes

Learn 13 girl-on-top sex positions here

Learn 19 more anal sex positions here.

How to prepare yourself for anal sex

How to have anal sex

May 23, 2017

Want to learn how to talk dirty with confidence? Well, today I'm going to teach you exactly how to do it and what to say to him to turn him, build sexual tension, make sex incredible and most importantly to keep him obsessed with you.

1.00 - The 3 reasons why you need to talk dirty.

5.15 - Tip 1 - Why you need to start in the 'shallow end of the pool' when learning to talk dirty.

6.05 - Tip 2 - I explain why the bedroom is the best place to start talking dirty to your man.

6.40 - Tip 3 - Tailoring your dirty talk to your man's tastes.

8.15 - Tip 4 - Tailoring dirty talk to YOUR tastes.

9.30 - Tip 5 - Why some dirty talking phrases and techniques work better than others on your man.

11.10 - Tip 6 - The great talking dirty lie.

13.15 - Tip 7 - Why 'context' is key.

15.30 - Tip 8 - Why your voice tone is vital when talking dirty to your man.

17.55 - Tip 9 - How quickly you talk when talking dirty plays a major role in it's effectiveness. Discover when to talk fast and when to talk slow.

19.40 - Tip 10 - It's more than just the words and I explain why.

Learn more phrases at

If you want a dirty talking masterclass, then you may want to check out the tutorial video I put together at

May 16, 2017

David Wygant joins me on the show today to dole out some tough love to listeners. His advice is top notch and he doesn't sugarcoat it. David is a relationship and dating coach who's been featured everywhere from Huffington Post to the New York Times.

Show Highlights

1.35 - How David became a dating and relationship coach thanks to Whole Foods.

5.00 - Why it's important to understand and know yourself if you want to meet a great partner.

7.40 - David's tough love advice for a woman who wants a loyal man & why trying to 'fix' a guy is usually a bad idea.

9.25 - Why dating multiple people works in the beginning of a relationship, but not as the relationship progresses.

10.30 - David gives a woman some hard-to-hear, but powerful advice on how to deal with an affair.

14.25 - David explains why some women enjoy getting dominated during sex.

16.50 - David gives some really harsh (but fair!) advice to a woman who is being cheated on.

22.20 - Why there is no magic pill when trying to fix your relationship troubles.

26.30 - Discover how to reignite the passion and spark in your relationship.

28.55 - What to do to get your sex life back on track after having kids.

31.20 - The solution to starfish syndrome.

33.25 - David talks about his podcast that's blowing up.

Show Notes
Listen to David's podcast at: or at
Get his podcast on iTunes:
Visit his website here:

David talks about the 5 love languages on the show. You can find out more about them here:

May 9, 2017

Today on the podcast, I'm joined by Elizabeth McGrath, author of The Couples' Kama Sutra. She explains the origins of Kama Sutra, how to break out of your sex routine, how to overcome sexual shame, gendered expectations and much, much more.

1.20 - Elizabeth explains emotion focused therapy and how she uses it to improve clients' sex lives.

4.55 - Learn what somatic coaching and therapy is and how it can help you and your sex life.

8.25 - Why getting the basics right when it comes to sex is more important than learning a million fancy sex techniques if you are serious about pleasure.

9.45 - Discover the origins of Kama Sutra and what it will teach you.

12.10 - Elizabeth explains how you and your man can break out of your routine.

19.05 - We discuss sexual shame and how to get over it so that sharing sexual fantasies with your man is easy.

23.00 - Elizabeth explains how 'gendered expectations' often leads to bad sex and how to avoid this happening to your relationship.

28.45 - What Elizabeth tells women who have never had an orgasm.

29.55 - Elizabeth runs through (step-by-step) an exercise you can do right now to connect more deeply to your body and orgasm more easily.

35.30 - Why the best sex is where you're not even thinking AND how to have it.

39.00 - Elizabeth explains what positions are best for more clitoral stimulation.

40.10 - Elizabeth describes the 'Sexy Back' position aka the Poles Apart position ( and why it's great for lots of manual clitoral stimulation.

43.45 - Elizabeth shows you everything you need to know about stimulating your G Spot.

Show Notes

Get In Touch With Elizabeth on her site:
Get her book, The Couples' Kama Sutra on Amazon:

We also talk about a bunch of other positions detailed below:

May 2, 2017

This episode will teach you how to use vibrators and dildos to enhance your pleasure when masturbating and as orgasm 'assistant' during sex so that you experience the most powerful orgasms of your life.

Show Highlights - Vibrator Section

1.25 - How to make sure you choose the right vibrator for you.

5.20 - The key thing you must know so that you experience maximum pleasure with your vibrator.

6.40 - Vibrator foreplay. Learn why 'vibrator foreplay' can make your orgasms way more intense.

9.40 - A secret way to use your vibrator to stimulate your entire vagina at the same time WITHOUT your hands.

12.15 - Discover how to use more than just your vibrator to enhance your orgasms.

13.25 - How to use your vibrator to enhance sex with your man.

15.30 - Discover to enhance your blow job by using a vibrator.

16.45 - A DANGEROUS warning about vibrators.

Show Highlights - Dildo Section

18.50 - How to choose the right dildo for you.

21.55 - Rocking your dildo to stimulate the bottom of your vagina.

24.05 - Learn how to 'milk' your G Spot with your dildo for neighbor-waking, screaming orgasms.

27.10 - Discover how to have anal orgasms with your dildo.

27.40 - Double your pleasure! How to use your dildo for double penetration.

28.45 - How to use all the techniques in this episode during Skype sex.

33.50 - What to do after listening to this episode.

Show Notes

Check out the complete guide on using your vibrator here:
Get step-by-step instructions on using your dildo here:
Learn about your A Spot here:
Learn about your G Spot here:
Missionary Position:
Coital Alignment Technique:
Spooning Position:
Doggy Style:

Get the Bad Girl's Bible newsletter here:

Apr 25, 2017

Learn how to have intense clitoral & vaginal orgasms during sex with your man. You're going to learn the techniques, positions and tips you need to climax every time you have sex with your man. It's a lot easier than you think!

In this episode, you'll learn:

1.40 - The one thing you must do to have clitoral orgasms.

2.10 - The Grind - A super powerful & super simple clitoral stimulation technique.

3.00 - How your man can use circular motion on your clit during sex to stimulate all of your vagina.

3.40 - The Vulcan will give you huge amounts of pressure on your clit during any girl on top positions.

4.50 - Why a vibrating cock ring is a good idea if you need more clitoral stimulation.

7.10 - The sex positions that make it easy to orgasm during sex.

12.15 - Why vaginal orgasms can be easy for some women but hard for others.

13.05 - Discover your A Spot and learn how it can lead to vaginal AND full body orgasms.

15.25 - The easiest way to have your first vaginal orgasm.

16.30 - Why the angle of penetration and the depth of penetration is so important.

18.30 - Learn what rhythm & speed is required if you want to experience a vaginal orgasm.

19.40 - Size matters. I explain why.

Show Notes

Here are all the links I talk about during the episode

Sex Positions I mention

Other Links

Apr 18, 2017

Learn how to squirt when masturbating alone AND during sex in today's episode. I'll explain how to squirt, why you may be having trouble squirting and I'll teach you techniques you or your man can use to have intense squirting orgasms.

Show Highlights

2.25 - Why you must understand your own anatomy if you want to squirt.

3.00 - Exactly how to find your G Spot and learn why your Skene's gland is so important.

4.25 - Discover the scientific reason why some women have trouble squirting.

6.00 - A very simple, but vital secret you must know if you want to squirt.

7.40 - Why some women feel like they need to pee when trying to squirt AND why this is completely natural.

8.50 - The Hook technique is the best technique for squirting orgasms. Learn how to perform it.

9.35 - The Push the Button technique.

10.10 - How you or your man can use the Come Hither technique to experience squirting for the first time.

11.00 - Discover why the Arm Shaker technique often leads to the MOST POWERFUL squirting orgasms you can experience.

11.55 - Using sex toys like vibrators and dildos to make yourself squirt - What you need to know.

12.45 - How to squirt during sex.

13.30 - Positions that will help you squirt during sex.

15.45 - I answer some of the most frequently asked questions to problems that women often encounter when learning how to squirt.

Show Notes
The squirting article I talk about repeatedly in the podcast:

Other pages I mention:

Apr 11, 2017

This second episode in the five episode series focuses on all the different techniques you can use to masturbate and finger yourself. In total, you're going to learn 20 different techniques to pleasure yourself with. And keep in mind that you can also use a lot of these techniques during sex too!

You can see diagrams and demonstrations explaining each of these techniques in these three articles:

Show Highlights

1.35 Masturbation Tip 1 - Discover the very easy-to-perform Up & Down masturbation technique.

2.15 Tip 2 - Learn why the "Long, Slow Stroke" is perfect for teasing yourself and almost acts like masturbation foreplay.

3.10 Tip 3 - The deceptively pleasurable Side-to-Side stroking technique that you can also use during sex for added stimulation to push you over the edge.

4.35 Tip 4 - The MOST effective masturbation technique you can use.

5.10 Tip 5 - U Spot Orgasms. Discover how this secret area can unlock incredible pleasure. See a diagram here:

6.35 Tip 6 - Loving your shower head. Discover why you can climax in a totally different way by using your shower head or a faucet.

8.05 Tip 7 - Using your clitoral hood. If your clitoris gets too sensitive, then you need to use this technique.

9.05 Tip 8 - How to easily expose more of your clit to experience more sensations. Perfect if your clit is NOT particularly sensitive. See a demonstration here:

10.30 Tip 9 - Orgasmic Meditation. This technique requires your man and will give you a prolonged orgasm (up to 10 minutes!). See a demonstration here:

12.50 Tip 10 - The Squeeze. A little known technique to 'jerk' yourself off.

14.25 Tip 11 - Why you should NEVER ignore your labia.

15.05 Tip 12 - Humping & Grinding. A great way to enjoy different and new sensations when masturbating.

17.05 Tip 13 - The Pearl Necklace. Yet another way to experience completely new physical sensations during masturbation.

19.20 Tip 14 - The basic technique to finger yourself. See it demonstrated here:

21.50 Tip 15 - The exact movements your fingers should be making as your finger yourself. 3 techniques: stroke-stroke-stroke, pressing the 'magic' button, rubbing it. Demonstrations here:

24.55 Tip 16 - G Spot Orgasms, learn exactly how to have them when masturbating. Learn more about your G Spot here:

27.30 Tip 17 - The pressure pressing technique. This technique is designed for women who struggle to have G Spot orgasms. See it demonstrated here:

28.45 Tip 18 - Fingering yourself from behind.

29.30 Tip 19 - Doubling your fun. A powerful way to reach orgasm easily requiring both hands.

30.10 Tip 20 - Anal fingering. This one is not for everyone, but it's super powerful.

Just a quick reminder. If you want to see demonstrations of these techniques, make sure to check out these three articles:

Apr 4, 2017

Learn how to orgasm powerfully and effortlessly in this podcast. If you currently struggle to orgasm when masturbating or during sex, then listen and learn what you need to do and what you need to STOP doing to start having powerful orgasms with ZERO effort. It's surprisingly easy.

Quick Note: This is the first episode of a five part series where you will learn how to have powerful orgasms when masturbating and during sex.

Show Highlights

2.10 - Why having strong and effortless orgasms all comes down to being comfortable.

2.40 - A simple guide to masturbating and reaching orgasm easily.

3.55 - Learn why your clit is the most important part of your vagina when masturbating and trying to orgasm during sex.

7.25 - Why what happens between your ears is the most important part of having an orgasm.

8.05 - Why stress is a major issue that can prevent you from reaching orgasm AND how to overcome it.

9.45 - How to stop worrying about climaxing and start enjoying yourself...which will actually help you to reach orgasm.

11.00 - Discover how to get rid of performance pressure during sex.

12.40 - Learn why body confidence can impact your ability to orgasm and discover the solution.

13.30 - Sexual shame: This can act like a weight on your mind. Learn how to deal with it.

14.20 - The importance of experimentation and exploration: I discuss the importance of knowing your body and why this is vital for learning how to orgasm alone and during sex.

Learn more on how to orgasm here:

Mar 28, 2017

Forrest Andrews joins me on the show today to discuss how prostate massage can lead to powerful 'Super' orgasms AND improve your man's health. If you are squeamish or nervous at the idea of exploring your man's backdoor, then you'll love this episode as Forrest explains everything you need to know, from hygiene to why your man may just adore it.

Show Highlights

1.35 - Learn how Forrest started working for a sex toy company.

5.55 - Learn exactly what the prostate is and where to find it.

7.25 - Why prostate massage does NOT make your man gay.

11.15 - Why prostate orgasms (aka the Super 'O') are STRONGER than regular orgasms.

13.45 - How to suggest prostate play to your man.

17.10 - Vital things you must consider before you try any anal play with your man (these also apply to you).

19.15 - The reason why prostate play and anal sex can be painful and how to make it pleasurable for your man.

21.55 - One last thing to properly prepare your man (this also applies to you if you enjoy anal sex).

24.30 - The positions that make prostate play easiest (side lying, doggy style, lying on your back).

27.45 - We discuss why some people do and some people don't experience the Super 'O' AND how to train yourself to experience it.

34.05 - What happens between your ears is the most important part to having an orgasm, whether you are a man OR a woman. Forrest explains why.

36.40 - Women don't have a prostate gland. Instead, they have something else that leads to powerful orgasms AND squirting. Forrest explains why.

Show Notes

The sites mentioned by Forrest

Visit the Aneros website here:

Visit the Anereos wiki here:

Visit the Aneros forum here:

Mar 21, 2017

The final episode in the 3 part series to give your man a perfect blow job. Over three episodes, you'll going to learn 37, techniques and tactics so powerful, that your man will become completely obsessed with you.

If you haven't already listened to the first two episodes in the series (episode #6 contains the first 11 techniques & episode #7 contains the next 12 techniques), then I'd advise you to go and download them right now from iTunes or the Bad Girl's Bible website.


Show Highlights 1.05 Blow Job Tip 24 - Why Variation is vital to making sure your man NEVER gets bored.

2.00 Tip 25 - How to make every blow job a special occasion, WITHOUT much effort from you.

3.30 Tip 26 - Discover why WHERE you give your man oral sex is so important. Plus, I'm going to teach you a bunch of great places where you can give your man oral that will blow his mind.

5.15 Tip 27 - Why you should keep it simple and "small" when you first go down on him. It makes everything easier for you and keeps it constantly exciting for your man.

7.05 Tip 28 - How to use BDSM during oral sex. You'll learn how to dominate your man when giving him a blow job AND how to be submissive.

9.35 Tip 29 - A crazy-simple trick so that you can use the same blow job techniques every single time you go down on your man, but make the experience feel completely different for him.

12.55 Tip 30 - A very important aspect of his orgasm that you MUST understand to make sure he climaxes with maximum pleasure.

16.35 Tip 31 - Why finishing your blow job with your hands can be incredibly enjoyable for him and easier for you.

18.15 Tip 32 - Learn a number of different ways to finish your man off. This one is perfect if you like your man finishing by cumming on your body.

20.25 Tip 33 - Learn what to do when your man cums in your mouth. Bonus: Learn how to make swallowing his load easier and more enjoyable.

23.20 Tip 34 - Advanced: Some really kinky things you can do with his cum.

27.20 Tip 35 - Why making eye contact with your man as he climaxes is red hot!

28.40 Tip 36 - How to know when your man is about to orgasm and blow his load.

30.05 Tip 37 - I finish up reinforcing why great communication is VITAL for a great blow job, incredible sex life and satisfying relationship.

Don't forget, this is part three of the 37 tips to give your man a perfect blow job. Get part one and part two by subscribing on iTunes.

Find out more about the Blow Job Bible book at

Mar 14, 2017

This is part two of my three part series on how to give your man a perfect blow job. Throughout the series, you're going to learn a total of 37 blow tips, techniques and tactics that are so powerful, they will literally turn your man into your own personal stalker.

If you haven't already listened to the first episode in the series (the first 11 techniques), then I'd advise you to go and download that right now from iTunes or the Bad Girl's Bible website.

Show Highlights

1.05 Blow Job Tip 12 - An easy-to-perform blow job technique that delivers a huge amount of pleasure.

2.55 Tip 13 - Learn how to suck your man. That's right, I'm talking about how to suck him. Learn why so many women misunderstand this technique and how to do it right.

4.00 Tip 14 - "Awesome Sauce" - Discover how to change the texture of your blow job so that it feels completely new to your man and tastes great. It's an effortless way of changing up your blow job routine.

8.10 Tip 15 - Why you absolutely must use your hands AND more importantly, how to use them to double the amount of stimulation you give him.

11.30 Tip 16 - How to rub, caress and massage your man's testicles during your blowjob so that it's pleasurable and NOT painful.

14.55 Tip 17 - How to make eye contact confidently and effortlessly during your blow job to make it more intimate and intense.

16.50 Tip 18 - A counter-intuitive trick to build your man up to orgasm. He will literally beg you for more when you use this trick on him.

18.40 Tip 19 - Why taking the initiative is both easy and powerful. Your man will thank you for it. Listen and learn how to do it.

21.00 Tip 20 - Discover how to talk dirty BEFORE and during your blow job to build his anticipation and ultimately make it more enjoyable for both of you.

25.05 Tip 21 - A more advanced BJ technique to allow your man to take control and dominate you. Perfect if you enjoy being submissive.

26.25 Tip 22 - Why slowing down can make your blow job more enjoyable. This also has the added benefit of making oral sex easier for you.

28.10 Tip 23 - Why "wetter is better"

Don't forget, this is part two of the 37 tips to give your man a perfect blow job. Get part one and part two by subscribing on iTunes.

Find out more about the Blow Job Bible book at

Mar 7, 2017

This is the oral sex episode subscribers have been begging me for. Today, I'm opening up my vault of secret blow job tips to give you my most powerful ways to please your man with your mouth. Yes, some of these fellatio tips are outrageous and possibly a little too "out there" for some, but if do you use them, you'll be VERY happy with the results.

Show Highlights

2.00 Blow Job Tip 1 - The importance of effective communication if you want to give your man a great blow job.

3.20 Tip 2 - The "golden technique. This is the most important and most powerful blow job technique you can ever use.

5.20 Tip 3 - How to build your confidence when going down on your man.

8.35 Tip 4 - The right kind of foreplay to use to slowly build up the tension and excitement before you go down on him. This will drive him wild and have him begging you for oral sex.

12.10 Tip 5 - How to smoothly build up to giving him a blow job.

16.05 Tip 6 - Stimulating the most sensitive spot on his penis. This alone will make him orgasm very quickly.

17.50 Tip 7 - A bunch of things you can do with your lips to increase his pleasure.

19.25 Tip 8 - A powerful but simple way to tease him mid-blow job.

21.00 Tip 9 - What you should be doing with your tongue. I teach you a number of different techniques and ways to lick your man's penis. I also include an advanced anal technique that drives some men wild.

24.45 Tip 10 - Why "wetter is better."

25.10 Tip 11 - 5 separate techniques to stimulate the top of his penis.

Remember this is just part one of the 37 tips to give your man a perfect blow job. Tune in over the next two weeks for parts two and three.

Find out more about the Blow Job Bible book at

Feb 28, 2017

Today sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk answers listeners sex questions on BDSM, pegging, jealously in relationships, the porn "problem" and many more. If you got questions you'd like answered anonymously by a sex expert in a future episode, please send your question to

Show Highlights

2.35 - How to deal with a man that is "jealous" of your vibrator.

6.25 - How to approach using a strapon with your man and why strapon sex is both healthy and fun.

8.20 - What you need to know about anal lube. Why silcone based lube is best for anal.

8.50 - The do's and don'ts of mixing alcohol and sex.

9.40 - Why guys are afraid of pegging.

14.05 - Dr. Kat talks about the problem with lower testosterone rates in men and why it's happening to so many guys.

16.20 - We discuss how porn causes problems in relationships AND why porn can sometimes be a good thing in your relationship.

23.10 - Practical tips on how to explore BDSM with your man.

24.50 - Why the submissive is always in control.

25.50 - Safe words and the traffic light system.

27.10 - Why BDSM doesn't have to be "hardcore" but can be a little bit more subtle and light.

32.50 - Practical tips for moving past infidelity.

More About Dr. Kat Van Kirk

You can find Dr. Kat at or on social media:
Facebook -
Twitter -
Pinterest -
Instagram -
Tumblr -

Feb 21, 2017

In today's episode, I talk to family and marriage therapist Dr. Corey Allen on the three dangerous mistakes that can affect your relationship. We dive deep and discuss how to prevent all three from becoming a major problem: money, sex and the in-laws/kids.

Show Highlights

5.00 - Why it's not money that causes problems, it's the meaning attached to money.

6.28 - What to do when you and your partner view money in a very different way so it doesn't become a problem.

10.30 - Why you don't have to agree with everything your partner says or does.

12.40 - Why committed relationships are designed to help us grow up and how we need to grow through problems we face with our partner.

17.55 - Possibly the most important question you can ask yourself before you get married or if you are already married: "Would you want to be married to you?" and then applying this question to specific aspects of your marriage.

18.20 - What to do if you and your partner have different sex drives.

21.20 - The mistake guys make who have a higher sex drive than their wife and how it turns her off.

24.30 - Being honest with your partner and it's amazing benefits.

28.25 - We talk about when making a compromise in your relationship is not really a compromise at all.

31.30 - The issue with the in-laws.

33.45 - Why having a great relationship only requires common sense, but the problem is that we attach emotion to relationship...which make things complicated.

36.50 - Why recognizing that your emotions are going to cloud your judgement in your relationship.

38.00 - The main issue to avoid with your in-laws.

Show Notes

You can find Corey at and pick up a copy of Naked Marriage at You can also listen to his podcast at

Feb 14, 2017

In this episode of the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, I talk to swinger Cooper S. Beckett from the Life in the Swingset podcast. Cooper explains in detail what swinging is, the steps a couple can take to safely explore it, how it can help your relationship (or hinder it!) and more.

Show Highlights

1.25 - how he got into the swinging scene.
4.55 Why monogamy, NOT SWINGING is the right choice for many people.
6.05 - The traditional definition of swinging
6.50 - What polyamory and why it's different.
8.15 - Why swinging and polyamory is definitely not cheating
9.45 - The problem with life's unspoken "social contract."
10.35 - How to start talking to your partner about swinging in a smooth way.
18.10 - Why non-monogamy has improved Cooper's communication skills.
18.35 - How to start your swinging journey with your partner and make sure it's a great experience, and why some couples have a bad first experience.
21.55 - Tips on how to spot and avoid fakers when using swinging sites
23.30 - How to make your first swinger date easy going and successfull.
25.10 - What to do if one partner has reservations.
28.40 - Dealing with jealousy.
33.55 - What to do if swinging doesn't work for you
43.55 - One of the most important benefits of non-monogamy

Show Notes
Kinsey scale -

Cassidy - - the swinger site Cooper mentioned on the show

More On Cooper
If you want to get in touch with Cooper, you can find him online at:

Cooper's Podcast
Podcast website:
Podcast on iTunes:

Cooper's Collection of Swinging Podcasts:

Cooper's 1st book

Cooper's 2nd book

Special Discount for Listeners
Cooper kindly gave me a discount code that you can use to get 10% off anything you purchase on his site, Just enter the word bible in the offer code section and that 10% discount will be applied to your order.

Feb 14, 2017

Sex Therapist Dr. Lori Buckley is my guest on the podcast today. We talk about everything from how to more easily reach orgasm during sex to getting over sexual shame and exploring new fantasies and ideas in the bedroom. You'll also learn why a "judgy" attitude in the bedroom is a bad idea and why "asking" for sex is even worse.

Show Highlights

1.35 Lori's background and how she became a sex therapist.
5.10 We discuss why some women struggle to reach orgasm during sex.
9.20 Why getting "out of your head" is vital for reaching orgasm more easily.
11.40 A simple technique to help you orgasm during sex.
15.30 Tips for getting over sexual shame and exploring new fantasies and ideas.
20.00 Simple steps for sharing your sexual fantasies and fetishes with your man.
23.10 Why a "judgy" attitude is going to kill your sex life.
28.30 An easy trick for getting in the mood, IF you are in a long term relationship.
29.15 Why asking for sex is a BAD idea.
35.30 Why women sometimes need their man to be more assertive.
36.20 Why many gifts don't need to cost a cent but still have a massive impact.
37.00 We talk about the deep importance of sexual tension in your relationship.

You can learn more about Dr. Lori Buckley at and listen to her podcast here on iTunes (

Feb 8, 2017

Welcome to the very first episode of the Bad Girl's Bible podcast. In this episode, I interview Scot McKay from X&Y Communications and the Mountain Top Podcast. We talk about a range of issues to keep your relationship and sex life red hot and satisfying.

Show Highlights

3.45 Avoiding Netflix and chill

4.50 Why finding your best friend is more important than finding someone hot

6.35 The importance of communication

7.05 Why relationships aren't hard work if you're with the right person

10.45 The mistake people make when they try to spice things up

12.25 We talk about the value of arguing the right way

14.05 Why Scot and Emily give each other space to be angry and frustrated.

17.25 One of the most important things about sex.

19.15 why sex shouldn't be so serious

21.00 how men can bring more masculine energy and women can bring more feminine energy to their relationship

27.45 We talk about how people carry negative experiences from previous relationships into their current relationship and why it's dangerous

30.50 We talk about the major reasons why relationships fall apart

35.45 Scot's tips on how to improve your sex life.

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