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May 30, 2017

This anal sex episode is quite in depth so you may want to listen to it more than once, BUT it has everything you need to know. You're going to learn the difference between having deeply satisfying anal sex that gives you full body orgasms.

Show Highlights

1.35 Tip 1 - The pros and cons of anal sex.

5.05 Tip 2 - An important question you must ask yourself before trying anal.

6.10 Tip 3 - Why communication is the bedrock of great anal sex.

7.05 Tip 4 - The 4 types of lube you can use and which one is the the best (by far).

9.45 Tip 5 - How to ensure pain-free pleasure.

14.05 Tip 6 - The best position to use for the first time you try anal.

16.50 Tip 7 - Which positions give you the most pleasure.

18.10 Tip 8 - 7 separate advanced anal sex techniques.

21.55 Tip 9 - The key to maximum pleasure during anal.

23.30 Tip 10 - The dangerous mistakes some women make during anal. Make sure to avoid these.

25.35 Tip 11 - Why giving each other feedback makes anal sex better and better each time you have it.

Show Notes

Learn 13 girl-on-top sex positions here

Learn 19 more anal sex positions here.

How to prepare yourself for anal sex

How to have anal sex

May 23, 2017

Want to learn how to talk dirty with confidence? Well, today I'm going to teach you exactly how to do it and what to say to him to turn him, build sexual tension, make sex incredible and most importantly to keep him obsessed with you.

1.00 - The 3 reasons why you need to talk dirty.

5.15 - Tip 1 - Why you need to start in the 'shallow end of the pool' when learning to talk dirty.

6.05 - Tip 2 - I explain why the bedroom is the best place to start talking dirty to your man.

6.40 - Tip 3 - Tailoring your dirty talk to your man's tastes.

8.15 - Tip 4 - Tailoring dirty talk to YOUR tastes.

9.30 - Tip 5 - Why some dirty talking phrases and techniques work better than others on your man.

11.10 - Tip 6 - The great talking dirty lie.

13.15 - Tip 7 - Why 'context' is key.

15.30 - Tip 8 - Why your voice tone is vital when talking dirty to your man.

17.55 - Tip 9 - How quickly you talk when talking dirty plays a major role in it's effectiveness. Discover when to talk fast and when to talk slow.

19.40 - Tip 10 - It's more than just the words and I explain why.

Learn more phrases at

If you want a dirty talking masterclass, then you may want to check out the tutorial video I put together at

May 16, 2017

David Wygant joins me on the show today to dole out some tough love to listeners. His advice is top notch and he doesn't sugarcoat it. David is a relationship and dating coach who's been featured everywhere from Huffington Post to the New York Times.

Show Highlights

1.35 - How David became a dating and relationship coach thanks to Whole Foods.

5.00 - Why it's important to understand and know yourself if you want to meet a great partner.

7.40 - David's tough love advice for a woman who wants a loyal man & why trying to 'fix' a guy is usually a bad idea.

9.25 - Why dating multiple people works in the beginning of a relationship, but not as the relationship progresses.

10.30 - David gives a woman some hard-to-hear, but powerful advice on how to deal with an affair.

14.25 - David explains why some women enjoy getting dominated during sex.

16.50 - David gives some really harsh (but fair!) advice to a woman who is being cheated on.

22.20 - Why there is no magic pill when trying to fix your relationship troubles.

26.30 - Discover how to reignite the passion and spark in your relationship.

28.55 - What to do to get your sex life back on track after having kids.

31.20 - The solution to starfish syndrome.

33.25 - David talks about his podcast that's blowing up.

Show Notes
Listen to David's podcast at: or at
Get his podcast on iTunes:
Visit his website here:

David talks about the 5 love languages on the show. You can find out more about them here:

May 9, 2017

Today on the podcast, I'm joined by Elizabeth McGrath, author of The Couples' Kama Sutra. She explains the origins of Kama Sutra, how to break out of your sex routine, how to overcome sexual shame, gendered expectations and much, much more.

1.20 - Elizabeth explains emotion focused therapy and how she uses it to improve clients' sex lives.

4.55 - Learn what somatic coaching and therapy is and how it can help you and your sex life.

8.25 - Why getting the basics right when it comes to sex is more important than learning a million fancy sex techniques if you are serious about pleasure.

9.45 - Discover the origins of Kama Sutra and what it will teach you.

12.10 - Elizabeth explains how you and your man can break out of your routine.

19.05 - We discuss sexual shame and how to get over it so that sharing sexual fantasies with your man is easy.

23.00 - Elizabeth explains how 'gendered expectations' often leads to bad sex and how to avoid this happening to your relationship.

28.45 - What Elizabeth tells women who have never had an orgasm.

29.55 - Elizabeth runs through (step-by-step) an exercise you can do right now to connect more deeply to your body and orgasm more easily.

35.30 - Why the best sex is where you're not even thinking AND how to have it.

39.00 - Elizabeth explains what positions are best for more clitoral stimulation.

40.10 - Elizabeth describes the 'Sexy Back' position aka the Poles Apart position ( and why it's great for lots of manual clitoral stimulation.

43.45 - Elizabeth shows you everything you need to know about stimulating your G Spot.

Show Notes

Get In Touch With Elizabeth on her site:
Get her book, The Couples' Kama Sutra on Amazon:

We also talk about a bunch of other positions detailed below:

May 2, 2017

This episode will teach you how to use vibrators and dildos to enhance your pleasure when masturbating and as orgasm 'assistant' during sex so that you experience the most powerful orgasms of your life.

Show Highlights - Vibrator Section

1.25 - How to make sure you choose the right vibrator for you.

5.20 - The key thing you must know so that you experience maximum pleasure with your vibrator.

6.40 - Vibrator foreplay. Learn why 'vibrator foreplay' can make your orgasms way more intense.

9.40 - A secret way to use your vibrator to stimulate your entire vagina at the same time WITHOUT your hands.

12.15 - Discover how to use more than just your vibrator to enhance your orgasms.

13.25 - How to use your vibrator to enhance sex with your man.

15.30 - Discover to enhance your blow job by using a vibrator.

16.45 - A DANGEROUS warning about vibrators.

Show Highlights - Dildo Section

18.50 - How to choose the right dildo for you.

21.55 - Rocking your dildo to stimulate the bottom of your vagina.

24.05 - Learn how to 'milk' your G Spot with your dildo for neighbor-waking, screaming orgasms.

27.10 - Discover how to have anal orgasms with your dildo.

27.40 - Double your pleasure! How to use your dildo for double penetration.

28.45 - How to use all the techniques in this episode during Skype sex.

33.50 - What to do after listening to this episode.

Show Notes

Check out the complete guide on using your vibrator here:
Get step-by-step instructions on using your dildo here:
Learn about your A Spot here:
Learn about your G Spot here:
Missionary Position:
Coital Alignment Technique:
Spooning Position:
Doggy Style:

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