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Mar 25, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of The Bad Girls Bible Podcast. Today on the show, we are joined by Alaina Schwartz to talk about her marriage of 17 and a half years and her subsequent divorce. Alaina grew up on long island in New York in a family of staunch disciplinarians that was incredibly emotionally dysfunctional, emotionally violent and sometimes even physically so. After high school, Alaina moved away to New York where she went to law school, and eventually was a lawyer in the music industry for almost 18 years. Today she is a successful transformational mindset and business coach, who teaches her clients the same mindset tools that radically changed her life. In this episode we talk about everything from how her husband was incredibly romantic at first, how she started to realize something wasn’t quite right in her relationship, how she earned more than him, and also how she stayed positive since divorcing him. So for an incredibly honest, and insightful conversation, be sure to tune in to today’s episode.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Alaina’s background story and her early life.
  • The day the Alaina met her ex husband: love at second sight.
  • Timeline and story of how Alaina’s ex husband proposed.
  • Alaina’s fairytale wedding in Central Park.
  • The first couple of years of their marriage.
  • The incident that led up to their marital problems.
  • Alaina’s heartbreak and challenges with her in-laws.
  • The lowest point Alaina experienced in her marriage.
  • When Alaina finally decided to move on with her life.
  • Facing the allegations of being called an “unfit mother”.
  • How Alaina’s life has turned out differently than what she expected.
  • Why Alaina has no regrets from her past.
  • Advice for listeners who are going through a divorce: mindset shift.


“I was determined to try to make it work every day I was there and every day I was rejected by him.” — @alaina_s7 [0:25:25]

“There was no doubt that I thought we were going to be together forever that we would figure out a way to make that work.” — @alaina_s7 [0:26:26]

“There can be multiple people that are really good for us in our lives at different times in our lives, depending on how we grow.” — @alaina_s7 [0:26:46]

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Mar 17, 2019

On today’s show we welcome Dr. Lori Brotto, a Professor in the department for Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of British Columbia and the Canada Research Chair in Women’s Sexual Health.


Lori has also the author of the book, Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire. In this episode we are discussing sexual desire, and how a low desire or lack of interest in sex is by far the most common sexual concern, not only in women but in men as well. Many people struggle for different reasons, both psychologically and socially. Lori helps us today to uncover those struggles and those reasons and step beyond our negative beliefs to reignite our sexual desires through mindfulness. For an incredibly insightful conversation, be sure to tune in to today’s episode!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Hear more about Lori and how she became a sex researcher and sex therapist.
  • Researcher’s findings on reasons why women experience low sexual desire.
  • Why low sexual desire is often confused.
  • Understanding how mood and depression suppresses desire.
  • How your beliefs can impact your desire.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and how it can effectively treat sexual complaints.
  • Physical conditions people can have that may interfere with sexual function.
  • A female Viagra solution to fix female sexual arousal disorder, how terrible can it be?
  • Struggling to reach orgasm during sex: whether you’re lacking desire or full of it.
  • How mindfulness can help women and man be more present and reignite desire.
  • Lori share some stories from her book on how mindfulness can be useful.
  • Adopting a regular mindfulness practice and engaging the muscle of the mind.
  • And so much more!




“Low desire or lack of interest in sex is by far the most common sexual concern, not only in women but in men as well.” — @DrLoriBrotto [0:04:01]


“Negative beliefs in the brain can also stimulate certain brain path ways that interfere with desire and arousal.” — @DrLoriBrotto [0:11:21]


“Pretty much anything that impacts hormones has the potential to impact sexual response.” — @DrLoriBrotto [0:14:35]


“If you are going to have sex, you may as well show up for it.” — @DrLoriBrotto [0:27:30]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


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Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire —

University of British Columbia

Mar 10, 2019

On today’s show we welcome Annabelle Knight. Annabelle is a dating, sex and relationship expert along with being a certified couple’s councilor. She’s also written a novel, The Endless Autumn, which has been featured by Cosmopolitan.


Annabelle has her own range of sex toys available online and is a resident sex and love expert for online retailer, Our topic for today is sex toys. Thanks to Annabelle’s expertise on the subject she is able to share with us just how useful they can be and how they can cause breathtaking pleasure.


We’re also talking about getting your partner on board with using sex toys during sex and the different types of vibrators and sex toys available. For an incredibly insightful conversation, be sure to tune in to today’s episode!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Hear more about Annabelle’s background and how she started her own line of sex toys.
  • How sex toys can improve your pleasure, whether you’re alone or with a partner.
  • Annabelle’s favorite sex toys - the cock ring and the vibrating bullet.
  • Advice to people wanting to buy their first sex toy.
  • Why some guys are hesitant about using sex toys during sex.
  • Ways to help your partner get on board with using sex toys.
  • Why using sex toys has nothing to do with how good you are in bed.
  • Different types of vibrators for clitoral stimulation.
  • What to look for when buying a sex toy.
  • Sex toys that are unisex or male specific that men can use.
  • Learn more about prostate play and prostate massagers.
  • Toys to use during sex that can give different sensations.
  • Anal first-timers prep.
  • Main types of lubricant: water based, silicon based and oil based.
  • Using the right type of lube with your sex toys.
  • What to do if sex toys just aren’t for you.
  • And so much more!








“Sex toys are like the cherry on the cake so you don’t need the cherry to make the cake tasty but it kind of gives you a third dimension, a little extra something.” — @missbelleknight [0:03:10]


“Sex toys provide different type of stimulation and that’s not a better type or worse type, it’s just a different type.” — @missbelleknight [0:07:50]


“The end goal for any sex toy manufacturer is pleasure and the better their toys and their products provide pleasure, the more popular they are.” — @missbelleknight [0:18:26]


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Mar 4, 2019

Joining us today is Dee Dussault, a sexuality coach, Yoga Alliance® certified yoga teacher, the creator of Ganja Yoga, and author of the book by that title. She has taught partner yoga, vanilla tantra, and cannabis-enhanced yoga to thousands of people across the US, Canada, and Europe.


She studied sexuality for over a decade and carries an honors degree in Sexuality Studies. Her training was in the tantric tradition of Swami Satyananda of Bihar, India. Dee tells us what got her into tantra and explains that the practice is about much more than sex. She highlights the spiritual value as well as the opportunities it offers to fuel the evolution of our consciousness.


She further discusses mindfulness, the importance of slowing down your sexual encounters, and why the edge of your comfort zone is where you want to be. We talk about solo orgasmic experiences, Kegel exercises and the exhilarating dynamic that marijuana can bring to your yoga routine. So tune in to find out how Dee can help you tap into your radiant embodied self!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Some of Dee’s background and how she became a sexuality coach.
  • How tantra facilitates the whole human experience.
  • Why tantra is for everyone, at any time.   
  • The relationship between breathing and feeling.
  • What to do when you feel awkward at first.
  • How yoga can lead to arousal and orgasmic experience.
  • The benefits of redirecting genital energy.
  • How energy orgasms can be achieved.
  • How tantric sex helps older people and those with sexual dysfunction.
  • The importance of balancing Kegel exercises with stretches.
  • How cannabis enhances your yoga routine.
  • And so much more!




“The idea is in Tantra that our sexual energy is the most potent energy we have as humans.” — @TheGanjaYoga [0:04:05]


“Tantra allows the whole range of human emotions and experiences.” — @TheGanjaYoga [0:08:00]


“You don’t need a partner to do tantra.” — @TheGanjaYoga [0:08:22] 


“As you slow down your breath, your capacity to feel increases.” — @TheGanjaYoga [0:09:37]


“I recommend people play at the edge of their comfort zone.” — @TheGanjaYoga [0:11:09]


“Pleasure is our birthright.” — @TheGanjaYoga [0:22:51]


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