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Apr 28, 2019

Today on the Bad Girl's Bible we a joined by a very special listener named Jaime, who is here to tell us about how her and her husband turned their marriage around after some very tough times. Early into their new marriage, Jaime's husband started to experience some pretty serious health challenges and after his diagnosis and medical prescriptions became increasingly moody and difficult to be around.


This, in conjunction with Jaime's own health and anxiety issues, led to a very difficult time, emotionally and in the bedroom. It took a few drastic changes that happened around the time of a mortal scare for her husband to take the relationship back to a healthy place and into territory that Jaime never even dreamed of. Jaime takes us through their complete history, early dates and the proposal before getting into the troubled period.


She talks about how different things are now and the difference in connection she feels when they make love. For all this and much more, be sure to join us today!


Key Points From This Episode


  • Jaime's childhood, parents and the atmosphere at home.
  • The first day that her and her future husband met.
  • Proposal, the wedding and the early days of marriage.
  • Jaime's husband's health problems and the first diagnosis.
  • How the medication affected her husband's moods and their relationship.
  • Jaime's own health problems that she was experiencing at the same time.
  • The near death experience that turned her husband's life around.
  • Changing their sex life around and the effect of the Blowjob Bible.
  • How the challenges have strengthened their relationship.
  • The times that Jaime considered giving it up.
  • How Jaime's life has turned out differently to her expectations.
  • The role of her faith in helping her through tough times.
  • Advice from Jaime to listeners in similar situations.
  • And much more!



“That’s how he is now, he brushes off all the little things and doesn’t let him bother anymore.” —  Jaime [0:15:30]


“Sometimes it does take something life altering to make you decide that it’s time to change how you live your life and the way you treat other people.” — Jaime [0:16:58]

Apr 21, 2019

Today on The Bad Girls Bible Podcast we are joined by small-town girl, Jenny, who shares with us about growing up in a poor family with parents who did not always get along, moving around frequently and how she and her husband first met.

Jenny talks about their secret relationship, moving in together, how he convinced her to get married after all and the challenges of raising their kids together. The unexpected death of a loved one caused a massive rift in their relationship, however, and her life started slowly spiraling out of control.

Not being able to openly mourn her loss, Jenny went into a major depression during which she behaved in erratic ways that threatened her life and that brought even greater discord in her marriage. She tells of the regrets she has, how she has learned to cope with her loss and what she advises every listener to hold onto in such difficult circumstances. Don’t miss out on this very moving conversation!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • More about Jenny’s experience growing up in an unhappy family.
  • How she met her husband and their first few months knowing each other.
  • What is was like seeing each other in secret while being in relationships with other people.
  • Their relationship when they moved in together and having to deal with their exes.
  • The difficulty of feeling like she had to do everything herself.
  • The challenge of raising their kids together and having different parenting styles.
  • Why she never thought of getting married and how he arranged the entire wedding.
  • Losing a girlfriend to pneumonia and not being able to mourn her openly.
  • Dealing with her husband’s resentment and jealously after her girlfriend passed away.
  • Becoming clinically depressed, isolating herself and turning to self-harm.
  • The intense moment she realized that she needed help. 
  • The up and downside of moving to a new place and being lonely a lot of the time.
  • What happened when her husband finally left her.
  • Getting her daughter back home and what it meant to her.
  • How practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques helps her to deal with her emotions.
  • Dealing with the disappointment of her life not turning out how she expected it to.
  • And much more!


“I went into a major depression; a clinical depression, anxiety, and I was just locking myself away. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to go to work.” — Jenny [0:17:05]

“He just stopped caring and he said he just started picturing me dead already and that he had thought of what he was going to say at the funeral and stuff. He just kind of wrote me off already.” — Jenny [0:18:55]

Apr 14, 2019

On the show today we’re talking to someone who has suffered immense emotional trauma but who has come out the other side stronger, wiser and ready to love again. Our guest really inspires those who have been through divorce, a partner’s infidelity, miscarriage or have been dealt an unfair hand, sharing openly about her two failed marriages, suffering multiple miscarriages and discovering her husband’s affair while pregnant in their first year of marriage.

To add to our guest’s array of disappointments, she poignantly tells us about the letter that ended her second marriage and which left her devastated and alone. Having a partner abandon her after what she believed to have been twelve wonderful years, she had to work through the difficult circumstances all on her own, including managing the business they owned together, while he effectively disappeared for weeks.

She talks about struggling with feelings of guilt and not being enough, and how therapy and support from friends and family restored her hope of finding love again. For more about how this woman conquered the many obstacles in her life, don’t miss out on this episode of the Bad Girls Bible Podcast!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • More about Susan’s background and being adopted into a wonderful family.
  • How she met her second husband and their early days together.
  • The age gap and her thought processes around it. 
  • Falling pregnant a second time and having a series of miscarriages following the first.
  • Why it is so difficult for Australian citizens to adopt.
  • Her unfulfilling first marriage and their lack of intimacy.
  • Her gut feeling about her second husband’s infidelity.
  • How her partner’s infidelity consumed her and realizing that she needed to forgive.
  • The devastating letter that ended their marriage.
  • Being concerned for her husband’s mental state and worrying that he might end his own life. 
  • The hardest thing about his abandonment and how it impacted her daughter.
  • Struggling with feelings of inadequacy and feeling partly responsible for his decision to leave.
  • Having to deal with her pain, their business and sharing the news with others by herself. 
  • Getting to a place where she is ready to pursue love again.
  • The importance of not being reactive is such circumstances.
  • And much more!


“I thought, hang on a minute, I’m pregnant, we’re in our first year of marriage and you are cheating on me? I was really devastated.” — Susan [0:15:56]

“I felt like he was my soul mate, that’s why it was just so soul-destroying when he left me in the manner that he left me.” —  Susan [0:24:01]

“I’m a hopeless romantic, I believe in love still, so, I’m willing to put myself out there.” —  Susan [0:31:40]

Apr 7, 2019

On today’s show we welcome Lee, who is here to tell us her personal story and how her husband cheating on her boosted her libido due to a phenomenon called hysterical bonding.  Hysterical bonding is a term which hasn't been studied extensively yet. However, it's a phenomenon that many people can relate to.

It describes what happens when someone is cheated on by their partner, or is broken up with, and they want to do anything to win back their ex's affections. It sounds counter-intuitive and paradoxical, but that's because there are many different emotions at play. We’re discussing her marriage of 24 years, how she found out that her husband had been cheating on her and what led her to sticking around and wanting to rebuild the relationship. To hear more about Lee’s story, stay tuned!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear more about Lee’s background.
  • Growing up with an alcoholic, verbal abusive father.
  • How Lee met her husband and got married 11 months into the relationship.
  • The first signs that something wasn’t right.
  • How Lee’s car accident and neck injury led to her being dependent on pain medication.
  • The effect of the pain medication on Lee’s libido.
  • Why guys who are getting fulfilled still go out looking for more.
  • Having found the love of your life but also wanting sex or a relationship outside of that.
  • Finding out about the other women.
  • When the hysterical bonding kicked in.
  • How Lee regained her libido and has been having sex 2/3 times a day since.
  • Trying to rebuild the relationship, starting in the bedroom.
  • Lee’s advice to listeners going through a similar situation with their partner.
  • And so much more!


“Our first several years of marriage were, I mean, I wouldn’t say perfect because I don’t think there’s a thing as perfect but I was very happy and I felt like he was too.” — Lee [0:09:51]

“I was keeping him satisfied, the problem was, you know, I think he was not happy with the fact that he wasn’t able to satisfy me.” — Lee [0:15:37]

“How can I be just totally heartbroken, devastated and at the same time want my husband?” — Lee [0:29:55]

Apr 1, 2019

On the show today we welcome Geanni, who is here to tell us all about her personal story and how she found out that her husband had got another woman pregnant while they were still married. This sort of situation is understandably distressing, but Geannie has a great perspective on it and offers amazing advice and insight that she has learned along the way. She gives us some of the backstory of how her and her husband got together and the marriage before explaining the period in which the infidelity came to light. She talks about her commitment to the marriage and how they actually managed to get over the issue for a period before the relationship ended. She also goes into her feelings on their relationship currently, how they share a child and the parenting process for her. For all of this and a fascinating interview from Geannie, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode

  • Some personal background on Geannie.
  • Meeting her husband in high school and getting to know him. 
  • The proposal and getting married soon after school.
  • Confronting her husband about her suspicions. 
  • Reconciling after the initial separation and the role of Geannie’s spirituality in this.
  • Geannie’s husband’s fears of pregnancy with the other women.
  • The decision to try and overcome this massive hurdle and the difficult first year. 
  • Geannie’s current relationship with her husband and the family they have.
  • Advice from Geannie to listeners in a similar situation.
  • Geannie’s contact with her husband’s child and the mother. 
  • And much more!


“We started dating early in 2006 and that was my senior year in high school. It was his junior year in high school. We were married in October of 2007.” — Geannie [0:03:32]

“I just kept digging until I found something and so when I accused him, when I finally went to him, he denied it.” — Geannie [0:08:30]

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