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Apr 14, 2019

On the show today we’re talking to someone who has suffered immense emotional trauma but who has come out the other side stronger, wiser and ready to love again. Our guest really inspires those who have been through divorce, a partner’s infidelity, miscarriage or have been dealt an unfair hand, sharing openly about her two failed marriages, suffering multiple miscarriages and discovering her husband’s affair while pregnant in their first year of marriage.

To add to our guest’s array of disappointments, she poignantly tells us about the letter that ended her second marriage and which left her devastated and alone. Having a partner abandon her after what she believed to have been twelve wonderful years, she had to work through the difficult circumstances all on her own, including managing the business they owned together, while he effectively disappeared for weeks.

She talks about struggling with feelings of guilt and not being enough, and how therapy and support from friends and family restored her hope of finding love again. For more about how this woman conquered the many obstacles in her life, don’t miss out on this episode of the Bad Girls Bible Podcast!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • More about Susan’s background and being adopted into a wonderful family.
  • How she met her second husband and their early days together.
  • The age gap and her thought processes around it. 
  • Falling pregnant a second time and having a series of miscarriages following the first.
  • Why it is so difficult for Australian citizens to adopt.
  • Her unfulfilling first marriage and their lack of intimacy.
  • Her gut feeling about her second husband’s infidelity.
  • How her partner’s infidelity consumed her and realizing that she needed to forgive.
  • The devastating letter that ended their marriage.
  • Being concerned for her husband’s mental state and worrying that he might end his own life. 
  • The hardest thing about his abandonment and how it impacted her daughter.
  • Struggling with feelings of inadequacy and feeling partly responsible for his decision to leave.
  • Having to deal with her pain, their business and sharing the news with others by herself. 
  • Getting to a place where she is ready to pursue love again.
  • The importance of not being reactive is such circumstances.
  • And much more!


“I thought, hang on a minute, I’m pregnant, we’re in our first year of marriage and you are cheating on me? I was really devastated.” — Susan [0:15:56]

“I felt like he was my soul mate, that’s why it was just so soul-destroying when he left me in the manner that he left me.” —  Susan [0:24:01]

“I’m a hopeless romantic, I believe in love still, so, I’m willing to put myself out there.” —  Susan [0:31:40]

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