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Each week on the Bad Girls Bible podcast, your host Sean Jameson interviews experts and professionals and everyone in between to teach you the tips and technique you can use to improve your sex life and relationship or marriage. You'll also learn powerful insights on how to improve your dating and love life.
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Nov 16, 2018

On the show today we are joined by Jamie Elizabeth Thompson who is a sex coach and intimacy expert, helping couples achieve a more fulfilling and connected sexuality and increased libido through erotic intelligence and somatic movement.

Jamie has designed a number of online courses for her clients to access their desire more successfully, with an emphasis on communication and self-awareness.

In our conversation Jamie lays out the useful concepts of her work and how they fit together to support the purpose of owning our sexuality and relating this to someone else.

We also talk about simple starting techniques in battling low libido, embodiment, foreplay, a sexual calendar and Jamie’s own Erotic Menu™. 

We finish off with some thoughts on how to share your own desires with a partner and how much this can benefit all areas on one’s life.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jamie’s background work in relationships and how she ended up working with couples.
  • Somatic movement reprogramming and body awareness.
  • Understanding the concept of erotic intelligence.
  • The key to erotic intelligence and the first steps to take on a path to increasing yours.
  • Jamie’s advice to those struggling with low libido.
  • Turning the body on and using embodiment to get out of your head.
  • The importance of foreplay and navigating different needs.
  • Sexy scheduling and making time for intimacy in a busy life.
  • Jamie’s Erotic Menu™ and how it outlines different ways we give and receive.
  • Creating our own ‘training manual’ and sharing it with a partner.
  • And much more!

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